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Art and culture of Varanasi



Varanasi offers unique cultural variety with an organized enlightening custom. A city of ritual and tradition Varanasi is the home of archaeology, mythology, geography, art and history. One can find glimpse of all religious beliefs in Varanasi. It’s the only place of worship and religious institutions in India. Varanasi is always been the capital of all knowledge (sarva Vidya ki Rajdhani). The place has offered numerous famous scholars and intellect uals in several other respective fields of India.

Varanasi is successful in presenting a complete Indian art and culture. To talk about the art forms of Varanasi is to speak mainly highly unique style of folk art. Varanasi gorgeous Sarees, handicrafts, textiles, toys, ornaments, metal work, clay and woodwork and other crafts are the ultimate examples of its art and craft. Varanasi has produced a number of master craftsmen and earned name and that spread over all the nook and crannies of the state.

Varanasi also presents a unique social and cultural fabric. Being an organization of sacred complex and social spaces, the cultural pluristic, linguistic and ethnic groups, Varanasi is successful in grabbing the travelers for a cool unfurling. If you are longing to discover the city of affluence, castes and customs, personalities, professions, intellectuals, oral traditions, communal harmony Varanasi is the decisive place for you. The visitors will also amuse to see the pleasure of Pans, Thandai, Gamcha, Bahri Alang and Mauj Masti of Varanasi. Varanasi is widely visited and extremely explored for its rich and original variety of painting and sculptor.  Its artistic styles are equally rich treasures of folk-art. It’s also the place where to find wood work, leaf and fiber crafts. With ancient crafts Varanasi is not yet stayed behind in Modern Industries.


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