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Banarasi SareeAs Punjabis are illustrious for living their life with great zeal and gusto and they are mad after all luscious Punjabi delicacies similarly the womenfolk of Banaras are round the bend for Banarasi Saree which is their much coveted possession. It has a huge importance in the life of the Varanasiís women from young to new wedded bride to old. Their wardrobe is chock-full will highly eye-catching Benarasi saris of different motifs and designs and hardly ever fails to compliment them making her believe that is looking sunning, more feminine and scintillating. The overall look and pattern of the Banarasi sari speaks high about the whiz kid of the time-honored weaver as they have been in vogue since the Mughal era. Moreover, the sari weaving art reached its high point during the Mughal period and actually experienced the fantastic incorporation of Indian designs and Persian motifs.

The ear-catching description of the prominent Banarasi sari underscores many amazing facts which are very requisite for wowmn to known before buying them. If truth be told there are mainly four different varieties of sarees in Banaras. First and foremost is the pure silk (katan), georgette, shatter and organza (kora) with zari. Majority of the people of this holy city earn their livelihood from the well-known art of sari weaving which is you can say a kind of a cottage industry for countless people in and around Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. The silk saris that are religiously brought and then worn by the females here are actually from various South Indian cities such as Bangalore. What the Sari weavers do is that they weave the basic texture of the sari on the power loom and with weaving the warp they form the base, which hits 24 to 26 meters. In a breathtaking Banarasi Sari there are approximately 5600 thread wires with 45-inch width. This entire task involves teamwork. And on average only three people are taken in the creation the Sari. One weaves, the other engrosses in the spinning circle to produce bundles. After that another significant procedure commences which is linked with designing the motifs. You will stumble upon many adroit artists who know the time-honored designs for Saris. To form design boards, the artiste first drafts on graph paper with color ideas and followed by the best design gets selected for a particular sari that follows creation of punch cards.

For one motif of Banarasi sari, one needs hundreds of pricked cards to carry out the thought. The outfitted perforated cards are interwoven with distinct threads and colors on the loom and then they are paddled in a methodical way so that the chief weaving lifts up the precise ensign and pattern. The typical Banarasi Sari takes about 15 days to one month and at times more time to draw to a close. On the other hand, the making of highly attention-grabbing sari of Benaras does not involve a tough method but what matters is the complexity of designs and patterns to be produced on the sari. One really needs to be a smart player before buying the authentic Benarasi Sari as you might be befooled by the shopkeeper and bought the imitated piece on a much higher price.

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