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Varanasi Fairs and Festivals (Hanuman Jayanti, Nag Nathaiya and Nakkatayya)



Hanuman Jayanti
It is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Hanuman. It is a very big festival for all Hindus. It is celebrated on the full moon day of Chaitra Shukla which falls around April/May. Lord Hanuman symbolizes strength and energy. Lord Hanuman also symbolizes unconditional love and devotion for Lord Rama. According to mythology if one seeks Moksha/Salvation all they have to do is dutifully and loyally pray to Lord Hanuman. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with fun and feasting at Varansi. Laddoos are offered to Hanuman Ji and food and Ladoos are distributed among people. The celebrations are held at the Sankat Mochan temple for five days. The name of the temple is a synonym for Hanuman ji’s name. He is said to be the answer to all problems and hence takes them away. Cultural and Musical programs take place as part of the festivities. On the day of Hanuman Jayanti devotees gather not only at the Sankat Mochan temple but also around all Hanuman temples in Varanasi and try to take the vermillion from statue of Hanuman ji and apply it on their foreheads.

Nag Nathaiya
It is an important festival of Varanasi. It is a part of the mythological tradition, the Krishna Leela Ceremony. Krishna Leela Ceremony is the depiction and re enactments of the famous parts of Lord Krishna’s Life. The Nag Nathiya is the re enactment of the story, when Lord Krishna was a child, Kalia the king cobra had made the river as his abode and was poisoning the water. The water was poisoning the crops, vegetation and any one who drank the water from the river. One day Lord Krishna was plying with the ball on the banks of the river and the ball fell into the river. Young Krishna dove into the water and fought with King Cobra, he came overpowering and dancing out on the hood of Kalia. The festival takes place on the Tulsi Ghat in the month of Nov- Dec. huge crowds gather to see this re enactment and enjoy the festivities.

It is a similar festival like Nag Nathaiya only this involves re enactment of a scene from the Ramayana. It is held at Chetganj in the month of October. It is attended in huge numbers by residents of Varanasi and of people from near by towns. It is the slitting of the nose episode. This story takes place when Lord Rama is in exile. Surpanakha the sister of Ravana comes and proposes her love to Lord Rama, on being refused she tries the same with Laxmana. Laxmana gets angry and slits her nose. This story is enacted during this festival.

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